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  • Play The Ill-Gotten Deed

    The Ill-Gotten Deed

    Middle-schooler Calvin is fed up with his brother, so Whit tells him the story of another pair of brothers--Horace and Grover McAlister, who fought over land their father left for them in his will.

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  • Play A License To Drive

    A License To Drive

    When Eugene needs help getting his driver's license, he turns to Connie for help.

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  • Play For Trying Out Loud

    For Trying Out Loud

    Wooton Bassett wants to help Edwin Blackgaard with an upcoming production. Liz Horton tries to find something--anything--she can do better than others.

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  • Play The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 1

    The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 1

    A plane crashes in Gower's Field and both Emily and Matthew make surprising discoveries nearby. Meanwhile both Whit and Wally Haggler meet friends from the past.

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The Launch, Part 1

Whit and Wooton travel to Uganda to help a young woman caught in a conflict between two warring tribes.

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Dr. Valery Lomilo's Story

Fly with us to Uganda and experience the real story behind The Launch, Part 1. You’ll meet Dr. Valery Lomilo and hear the courageous tale behind how God used her to bring peace to a warring region.


Go Deeper into the Adventure

Learn about the Karamojong people and their culture—with a special video cooking lesson! You'll get to sample the Karamojong language and music, plus you'll hear the Odyssey actors learning to speak Swahili. You'll also hear Odyssey director Dave Arnold discuss how challenging this episode was to create.

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